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We Buy / Sell / Loan High-End Electronics in Monterey Bay

There’s no denying that electronics play a central role in many people’s lives today. And yet for many, it’s difficult to keep up with the rising costs of getting the latest smartphone or iPod. Buying secondhand electronics from a pawn shops such as Salinas Pawn, Watsonville Pawn, and Seaside Pawn helps make it more affordable for the average American family. Whether you’re seeking a new laptop to make working from home possible or you’ve fallen a bit behind on your bills and you need to pawn your gaming system or flat-screen television as collateral for a temporary loan, we buy / sell / loan high-end electronics of all brands and types in the Monterey Bay area.

Feel Confident Buying and Selling Electronics Here

There are many reasons why you should feel confident buying, selling or loaning your electronics as temporary collateral at a pawn shop, including the following:


Sure, you could list electronics for sale on Craigslist or eBay or you could wait until you have your next garage sale. However, it takes time to find the right buyer. Selling your electronics at our pawn shop gives you cash-on-the-spot.

Affordable Upgrades

You can keep up with newer models of computers, televisions, cameras and more at a fraction of the retail cost when you buy gently used electronics in a pawn shop.

Protect Your Investment

– Let’s face it: electronics don’t hold their value as much as they used to because the retailers are constantly introducing newer, more advanced models. Buying them cheaper in a pawn shop helps you protect your investment because you’re not paying top dollar.

Retained Ownership

If you’re not ready to part with your electronics but you could use some extra cash, pawning them as collateral for a temporary loan in a pawn shop makes both possible for you.

Have Questions about Our Electronics Selection?

Because we buy / sell / loan electronics in Monterey Bay, our inventory is constantly changing. What’s here today may be gone tomorrow. Pay us a visit today to browse our selection of televisions, cameras, tablets, audio equipment, computers, accessories and more from many of today’s leading electronics brands, such as Apple, LG, Samsung, HP and more. Have questions or concerns about our electronics? Contact us via phone or email and we’d be more than happy to assist!

Free Evaluations Available!